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Online hry zdarma - Multi Games - 41662 online her

Vítejte. Jestli jste hledali nějaké online hry zdarma na internetu, tak se na chvíli zastavte. U nás najdete tisíce online her přehledně řazených v kategoriích. Pro lepší zážitek se registrujte jako hráč, vyberte si online hru podle vašeho gusta a hrajte online hry na internetu.

Některé popisy her jsou realizovány pomocí automatického překladače. Prosíme o schovívavost. Na překladech se průběžně pracuje.

 Nejnovější online hry zdarma na internetu

Online hry zdarma Law & Order: Double or Nothing Law & Order: Double or Nothing LAW & ORDER: Double or Nothing is a 3D murder mystery game. Partner with Detective Lennie Briscoe (voice of Jerry Orbach) to investigate the death of an esteemed scientist found shot in midtown Manhattan.

Online hry zdarma Law & Order: Dead on the Money Law & Order: Dead on the Money Law & Order: Dead on the Money is an exciting 3-D game based on an original, complex murder case created by a Law & Order TV writer. You`ll step into the dramatic world of criminal investigation when you`re…

Online hry zdarma zleep zleep Don`t let the classroom become a sleeping lounge! Throw the chalk at your snoozing students, before the dulldrum becomes contagious and put you to sleep.

Online hry zdarma Love Saver Love Saver Catch your lover, before she falls into the sewage. You need to avoid other fallen object, and send her back to the roof top!!

Online hry zdarma Kick Bu Kick Bu "Bu" is a popular messenger emoticon in Asia. Bu`s creator, Bei, has created this kick up game for those dull moments in your long work day.

Online hry zdarma Temple Guardian 2 Temple Guardian 2 Temple Guardian returns, with larger maps and more features.
Build defense towers, market, academy and hire heroes to defend the Sacred Temple of Lightning and Fire. This time the invaders are smarter and don`t…

Online hry zdarma The Ashes The Ashes Cricket game where it`s England vs Australia battling it out to bring home the Ashes.

Online hry zdarma COLLAPSE XXL COLLAPSE XXL Collapse is the most used word for bringing walls down. Well, in this game you`ll find enough ways to do just that!

Online hry zdarma Frozen Frozen Help Samantha Bloodworth and her robot companion PEDRO find their way to safety across the shattering Ross Sea in this online version of the game Frozen. Complete the 30 time based levels of ice matching to build a…

Online hry zdarma Six bugs Six bugs The purpose of game to collect a maximum score. You should select some bugs of one color (from one up to six). When you will select the bug of other color the selected bugs will fly off, and you receive points. The more…

Online hry zdarma Color Shift Color Shift In this highly entertaining puzzle game your task is to remove balls of the same color as the central one or swap the colors with the central ball. Each turn a new ball appears, so carefully plan your moves not to fill…

Online hry zdarma Paddle Smash 1.5 Paddle Smash 1.5 A fast-paced retro brick smashing game. Play through 40 colorful levels in this fun and challenging game. Can you beat the game and get a high score? Arrows or WASD move the paddle. Destroy bricks with the ball but don…

Online hry zdarma Dodge! Dodge! Use your mouse to dodge the incoming squares. How long can you survive?!

Online hry zdarma Ball in a Maze Ball in a Maze Drag the ball with the mouse and hit the blue square.

Online hry zdarma Cavern Run Cavern Run How far into the space cavern can you make it? Use the mouse to move left and right, click to thrust your ship. Collect power-ups to speed up, slow down, defy gravity and gain points.

Online hry zdarma Neon Bubble Neon Bubble Fun game, 2 modes of play, VERY addicting. Colorful, fun, interesting, runs extremely smoothly and entertaining.

Online hry zdarma Fairy Fanatic Fairy Fanatic You are a lost fairy in the enchanted woods. To get home you have to collect as many Magical Orbs as you can, whilst collecting them you have to avoid the apples. (Did you know fairies hate apples?)

Online hry zdarma Flash Striker Flash Striker Addictive football game. Choose one of 10 top football competitions in the world and lead your team to the trophy.

Online hry zdarma Cartoon Girl Coloring Cartoon Girl Coloring Cartoon Girl Coloring

Online hry zdarma Baseball Blast! Baseball Blast! A fun, addicting game where you have to complete 15 intense! Avoid squares & obsticles.

Online hry zdarma Ball Click Mayfest Ball Click Mayfest A very visually appealing game, complete with TWO different game types, high scores for each one and some nice music to accompany it all.

Online hry zdarma StarBall StarBall Your goal is to collect StarBalls. Every time you collect a StarBall, a SpikedBall appears. SpikedBalls travel over a specific path, and if one hits you, you lose a life. Every five StarBalls you get, you gain one…

Online hry zdarma Spin Spin Catch all the blocks on the correct colored sides to win!

Online hry zdarma Dynamite Fishing Dynamite Fishing Get some hungry cats, give them some dynamite, a boat and a lake and what do you get?

Online hry zdarma Mega Photo Hunt Mega Photo Hunt Try to find all the picture differences before time runs out! Over 100 levels of fun!

Online hry zdarma Statetris Germany Statetris Germany Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game `Tetris` and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location.

Online hry zdarma Statetris UK Statetris UK Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game `Tetris` and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location.

Online hry zdarma Statetris Japan Statetris Japan Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game `Tetris` and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location.

Online hry zdarma Delivery Balloon Delivery Balloon Very simple. A balloon that delivers stuff.

Online hry zdarma SnakeWords SnakeWords A snake game in which you`ll have to find words.

Online hry zdarma Fashion beach dressup Fashion beach dressup Choose beach clothes for this beautiful girl.

Online hry zdarma Koi Cacthcer Koi Cacthcer This game is all about to capture a koi fish. You are prepared with 4 stones only. Learn the koi movement to decide where to put the stones.

Online hry zdarma First Light First Light An abstract relaxing experience. The age old struggle of light versus dark is realized in this flash game. The combination of music, ambient glows, and simplicity create a masterpiece.

Online hry zdarma Stupid Computer Adventure Part 1 Stupid Computer Adventure Part 1 This is part one, of a series of small interactive story games where you can choose your scenario. It was largely made for humor.

Online hry zdarma Grid Line Grid Line This is a puzzle game in which you control up to four colored squares which must be moved around a maze until all reach their goals. Try to get all the levels completed in the fastest time possible.

Online hry zdarma The Cottage The Cottage Math puzzle game: count people in the cottage.

Online hry zdarma Snake Snake You play as a snake that is hungry for food. Once you find food eat it and you will grow bigger. Classic snake game.

Online hry zdarma PAASEI GEKTE PAASEI GEKTE Speciaal voor de Paasdagen (maar ook alle andere dagen van het jaar) is er PaasEi Gekte.

Online hry zdarma CRAZYBALL CRAZYBALL Crazyball is een maf spel waarbij je de bal in het spel moet houden en zoveel mogelijk punten moet halen om verder te komen.

Online hry zdarma PONG PONG Vaak wordt Pong gezien als het spel der spellen; hier begon (naast natuurlijk pacman, tetris en space invaders) mee alles.


 Top 10 online hry zdarma - vaše superhry

Online hry zdarma Escape Redgrove Manor Escape Redgrove Manor You and your friends went to check out the creepy old Redgrove Manor. Once you were inside you friends disappeared! Now you must find a way out by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Online hry zdarma Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 BTD4 funkce lepší grafiku, spoustu nových a původní věž typů a tun upgrady pro každý typ věže. Hodně skladeb, ukládání hry, Pyramida kariéry, režim izolovaného prostoru a apopalypse režim. Bloons Tower obrany 4 vám…

Online hry zdarma Amazing Brain Online Amazing Brain Online Úžasné mozku umožňuje vykonávat svou mysl s řadou mini her logiky, paměti, výpočtu a pozorování.

Online hry zdarma Insects TD Insects TD Hmyzu jsou v pohybu. Dokážete je zastavit?

Cílem hry je eliminovat hmyzu hrozbu, než se dostanou na konec cesty.
Toho docílíte tak, že konstrukci ladybirds podél cesty k útoku protijedoucí hmyz.

Online hry zdarma Bazonga Quake Bazonga Quake Jump'n' snímek platformeru akce s holkou, jejíž ňadra způsobuje zemětřesení! Objevte sedm nastavení, renderovaná grafika a animace, vtipné dialogy a snadné ovládání přes dva klíče.

Online hry zdarma Black Enchanter Black Enchanter 블랙 매력있는 사람

Online hry zdarma Achtung, die Kurve! Flash Remake Public Achtung, die Kurve! Flash Remake Public Achtung, die Kurve! ponese jistou podobnost do hry had a Tron, ačkoli v Achtung, die Kurve! Flash Remake, hlavním cílem je hrát proti svým přátelům a protihráč udeřil o zeď, jeho křivky nebo vaše křivky. Řídíš křivka…

Online hry zdarma 25 Boxes China 25 Boxes China 在这个游戏中,你可以测试自己的视野是否宽广。找到数字、字母或符号,然后找出它们所对应的盒子。来挑战排行榜的冠军吧。

Online hry zdarma Trivia Warrior Trivia Warrior Play the best Trivia game ever, compare your score with your friends as you battle it out to see who is the best Trivia Warrior.

Online hry zdarma Ball Lines Ball Lines Move the balls to from lines of 5 or more balls of the same color. The lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

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